Friday, October 17, 2014

7 Quick Takes: James Ignatius Edition

I was sure that Sadie, Giver-of-Nicknames, would come up with something for James by the time we came home from the hospital.  Instead it was Patch who, upon seeing his little brother come through the door shouted, "James-y!" gleefully.  I'm not sure it will stick, but it's the first nickname he's been given so far.  With three older siblings I have a feeling it will likely be one of many.

"James kind of reminds me of that Grumpy cat in the memes..." is a phrase that has been heard frequently these past three days.  It's just something about the little look that his face almost always seems to have...


I'm curious to see how tonight will go.  The last three nights in the hospital were kind of a battle.  But probably not the kind you would think.  He seems to be following in Mae's footsteps by wanting to sleep at night... for hours and hours.  So as we'd near the four hour mark I would start trying to wake him up to nurse and he would snuggle up to me and close his eyes and refuse to drink a single drop and I would fret and try to get him to eat for hours and finally when morning arrived his little eyes would snap open and he would eat and eat and eat all day long, perfectly happy and then repeat the whole attempt at sleeping for six hours the next night, just to drive me to distraction since he's too little to go that long without a meal (as the pediatricians who dropped in reminded me).

Then again if he wants to do this whole "eat every six hours" thing in a month or so, I'll be totally on board with it.

We almost had to stay in the hospital another day since my lungs are still sounding crackly and horrible, even though I don't seem to be sick at all anymore.  That meant another trip of being refused the flu vaccine (and any other vaccines)... and going home with a giant bag of prescriptions.  Still, I'll take it because at least I'm home!

Paul and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what color hair he has.  The majority vote seems to be red.  It looked golden to me at first, but his doctors, nurses and Paul all seem pretty sure that it's actually a sort of strawberry blonde color. And after looking at more and more pictures I think they might be right...

This is slightly redder than it actually looks in real life.

By day three of his life on the outside he'd discovered his favorite place to nap.

And it wasn't with Mommy.

So... there might have been one thing tempting me to take up the offer to stay in the hospital one more day...  and it came in menu form:

Six pages of really, really wonderful, tasty choices.  With desserts twice a day...  I'm pretty sure this is my favorite hospital, ever.  Still, it's good to be home!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meeting his Brother and Sisters...

If you're hanging around here the next few days you'll probably be subjected to a huge amount of baby pictures... because, let's face it, I'm pretty much running my camera battery into the ground every single day!  

Today James got to meet his brother and sisters... and he thought it was a little overwhelming.

But they could hardly wait to meet him.

In the morning we cuddled and snuggled and after refusing to nurse for most of the night he finally got on board with the idea when he woke up this morning.  He nursed like a champ yesterday, but at night he already seems more interested in sleeping than eating.  

He seems to be taking after Maggie with the whole sleeping long stretches while I fret that he needs to wake up and nurse.  But I've definitely begun to realize that when he wakes up and wants to nurse he does just that and when I wake him up and insist he eat he acts snuggles up to me and closes his eyes and mouth and refuses to open them.  

Dare I hope that the trend continue as it did with Patchy and Mae?  I'm almost afraid to imagine having three laid back, easy going babies in a row.  I guess time will tell.

Right now he's laying in his bassinet at the end of the bed watching me type, while he yawns and looks sleepy.

Not unlike his sleepiness during this moment earlier today.

Now for my favorite pictures of the day.  

He had quite a lot to say when he met his biggest big sister:

She was so good with him.  And he was so overwhelmed by all of his siblings in our little room at the same side.  She did get to cuddle him a bit though!

As you can probably imagine, she was pretty thrilled to meet him.

Maggie was pretty thrilled to find a flower in my room and a super comfy bed.  She immediately claimed the prime spot and wrapped herself in my blankets.

A first family picture?  Kind of!

And of course James got to meet Grumpa...

And Nani...

Maggie got a huge grin on her face the moment she spotted him.

But she wasn't quite sure she wanted to share the bed with him.  Even with Momma's help:

Patch was less sure.  He smiles when he hears the word brother, but when asked if he wanted to meet his brother he'd say "Okay.  Okay." and then head off in the opposite direction.  So I brought James down to his level and he couldn't resist:

After his sibling left with Nani and Grumpa, James went back to napping.

And on a totally random note, guess what they're filming this week a few miles from the hospital.

I actually snapped this when we were leaving the autism lab the other day because the museum of modern art is right next to the psych department and after wondering what they were doing to the building, Paul heard that they were filming part of the new Batman/Superman movie there.  And the news is reporting that that is exactly what's going on this week, so I guess it's true!

Here's the picture I snapped of the outside of the set as we were driving by!

Now to get a little bit more rest. For some reason I seem to be the one who's wide awake all night still while Paul and James both have no problem drifting off to dreams!

Monday, October 13, 2014

James Ignatius

He's here!  Today, a little after one o'clock in the afternoon, the newest member of our family, James Ignatius, was born via scheduled c-section.  

This was by far my easiest c-section (and the only only when I wasn't already in labor).  And we received the excellent news that the last c-section had healed very well with very minimal scaring!

I spent most of the afternoon in recovery, since my blood pressure was stubbornly low and kept dipping down to 70-ish over 30-ish, which meant lots of monitoring until, after several hours, it finally went up enough that I was able to move to a room.

Our little guy is doing great.  He's our smallest baby so far (so I have no idea why he felt so huge!) at 8 lbs 7.9 ounces and 21 inches. He feels so tiny to me now!

Now for the pictures that we snapped over the course of our busy day!

Waiting to be prepped for surgery.

It was almost time...

In surgery.
Waiting to hear that wonderful cry that would announce baby James' first breath!

Weighing in at 8 lbs 7.9 ounces!

Meeting Daddy and Mommy!

Footprints on Daddy's arm!

Our sweet boy... cuddling on Daddy's chest.
Swaddled and cuddling with Mommy!
 So far he's been a very calm, quiet little guy.  I have to keep insisting he wake up for long enough to nurse.  He's mostly interested in napping at the moment!

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and well wishes!  I still can hardly believe that this day has arrived!

One Last Post before Heading to the Hospital...

It's here!  The big day had finally arrived!

We'll be welcoming our new little guy some time after noon if everything goes as planned. The c-section is scheduled at 12 pm today, and we're supposed to arrive at the hospital at 9:30 this morning!

Last night Paul and I got to go on one last date before the new baby arrives.  For part of the date we went to Mass (which between the virus that I'd had for the last three weeks and the whole "try not to be on your feet" order from labor and delivery right before that I hadn't been able to do for several weeks) and I was able to go to confession and receive a special blessing in preparation of today's surgery.

Then we went out to dinner, marveling that the big day was almost here and just as we were about to head home I realized that I'd forgotten to have my pre-op blood work done all weekend long and we rushed to the hospital's 24 hour lab for blood tests before heading home.

Prayers are really appreciated today, both for the surgery and baby (and me) and for Mae since she definitely has separation anxiety when I'm not in a fifteen foot radius of where she is...

Now for a few last minute pictures... and since we made it to Mass I thought I'd even join in the WIWS fun!

What I wore to Mass... The blue dress is a maternity find I just couldn't resist from Thred Up (fact, when I have store credit I'm more likely to buy a dress that I wouldn't be daring enough to buy on my own... like a $300 maternity dress that is already hugely marked down that suddenly becomes $10 after credit is applied).  The maternity cardigan is from Target.  And the infinity veil is one of my own!

I had to share one picture of the dress. Okay, really it's a picture of the bump.  The giant beach ball sized bump that has definitely made getting around a challenge this month.  I am so, so ready for today.

And a few more of my favorite pictures from our fun last day before the surgery!

Mae has become such a ham around the camera.  She spent quite a bit of time at the park posing for pictures.  She would actually stop in the middle of doing something cute and hold a position and look over and smile at me until I snapped the picture (sometimes then running over to see the picture of herself).  It was pretty amazing!

Now to go finish getting ready! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us through the this pregnancy and to those of you praying on this beautiful autumn day!  I can hardly wait to meet our little guy... and share his first pictures with you!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Swim Lessons and the Last Day before the Baby!

Patrick went to a Daddy/Patch swim lesson yesterday and apparently expressed through the entire class his distaste of wate,r which has remained, left over from his first year with allergies when his skin was so dry and sensitive that even plain old water made him break out in a rash and his allergist said to limit baths to "as few as possible."

He's never quite gotten over the whole, water hurts, isn't fun, isn't something he did often when he was tiny and apparently the cool water of the pool didn't do much to convince him that water can be fun.  Paul's answer to my question of "how'd it go" when they walked in the door included the words "Well, he didn't cry the entire time.  Just when he was touching the water.  He was fine if I held him up out of the water.... even in the middle of the pool..." pretty much sums it up.

Mae on the other hand had a wonderful time.  She was given a partial scholarship to a sensory swim class for children with autism, but it turns out that she's the only one in the class, so it turned in to a private lesson.  And the instructor told Paul that he would be happy to do private lessons with her, which actually cost considerably less than the special class, and since Mae learning to swim is pretty much at the top of the priority list of things that I could possibly wish for, I'm pretty thrilled.

Mae loves that water far to much and is far to fearless to not be taught to swim immediately.  When she sees water, even scary, raging river water, she immediately starts taking of her shoes and getting ready to jump in.  And while I've taught hundreds of kids and adults how to swim finding time and a place to take Mae to swim was proving impossible and so this is the perfect solution.

She came home and Paul brought her upstairs and suddenly all three bunnies were in my bed, with Patch climbing on Paul like a jungle gym and Maggie and Sadie pretending to be fish and giving each other eskimo kisses.  I'm pretty sure it was my favorite part of the day:

Now to get whatever else I can get done today done.

Paul and I are going on a date tonight that includes Mass with just the two of us and then one of those rare, rare dinners with just the two of us and then tomorrow bright and early I report to labor and delivery.

It's strange to think that tomorrow afternoon I should be holding our new little guy in my arms.  Knowing "when" is a little odd.  I've gone into labor on my own with the last three, so, as long as I make it through today, this will be my first time going to the hospital not in labor, to have the baby!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

39 Weeks... A Pregnancy in Pictures!

It seems strange to say that the day after tomorrow we'll be holding our new little guy in our arms.

I thought, because the baby's arrival is so close, that I would sit down and put the pictures I snapped together into their week by week order.  A few times they were off by a little bit, but for the most part I tried to faithfully take a picture each week!

At the moment baby is still breech, although he definitely feels lower each day.

I can hardly wait to meet this little guy!